Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Boot

(Photo by Carrie and her great camera)
I wanted to call this post "Das Boot" but I figure people get too PC, so I let it go.

I digress.

Some of my Facebook friends might have noticed a few pictures that I posted of Carrie and I posing with a large boot - a drivable one at that - at South of the Border, the renown tourist trap in South Carolina.

Side note - I know it is cheesy but visiting there, and taking a very game Carrie with me - was very special. That place, for whatever it is, holds a special place. It's a reminder that the road culture is still alive.

We'll revisit all about SOB and such soon (I hope) but I wanted to highlight this silly boot car that Carrie and I spotted from atop South of the Border's sombrero tower (yes, really).
(My pic)

So as any good curious tourist would do, we investigated. We had our pictures taken with it. We admired it, and went about our business.

But we knew this wasn't ANY ol' boot. It was THE boot - an LL Bean boot! Carrie got the proof.
(Photo by Carrie)

For the most part, we let it go as a funny thing along the road. Then I spotted a news item today from the AP. It's LL Bean's 100th birthday!

So that explains that!

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