Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Know What I Like

I had a CD player in my rental to South Carolina last week - but no port to plug an iPod/iPad to, and only one "cigarette lighter" source.

So I went with a couple of CD's, including some Huey Lewis and the News, which helped me rock my way down the New Jersey Turnpike. Not long after I exited the NJTP at Exit 2 to pop into Pennsylvania (just trying to mix things up a bit), "I Know What I Like" came on. The track, for Fore!, is a rousing piece of fun featuring Joe Montana and some other 49ers on backing vocals.

Side note...this might be the right day for me to be mentioning the San Fran team. Believe me, I'm not a fan either! Indeed, go Big Blue! Trust me, few things would be sweeter than a Steelers/49ers Super Bowl, with the black and gold winning the Lombardi Trophy!

Back on point, I rolled along on US 322 to the song. I knew the words to "I Know What I Like", but never really concerned myself with them, or the meaning. For some reason, that morning, the lines stuck with me (not "Stuck with You." Different HLN song.)

Perhaps my favorite lines: "I like things that don't change,
Because the more something changes, the more it stays the same. I might be simple, I take it easy sometimes. But I can be stubborn when I've made up my mind."

Anyway, here are the boys performing the song on the Fore Tour! A hat-tip to Facebook friend/fellow HLN fan Razor Rob Cole for posting the song this morning.

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