Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Day Off

I didn't post anything yesterday here. I had some free time, and I have some things I want to write about, but I didn't. It was my way of saying "no" to SOPA.

Government has to find some better things to do. In South Carolina, they could proceed with banning smoking in restaurants. Carrie and I walked into a Waffle House outside of Charleston, took one whiff, looked at the four charmers puffing away, looked at each other, and walked out. Having that smell all over our clothes and stuck in our noses as we drove for roughly the next 12 hours would have been very unpleasant. We found another Waffle House a mere 10 minutes away (Damn you, WH - bring yourselves to NY!) where things were a lot better.

Although they could probably use a lesson on scrambling eggs.

Of course, I don't have time to post anything else today. Duty calls. Off to work.

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