Sunday, January 22, 2012


I know what's happening later today, but I'm thinking back to 1991, when the two met in the NFC Championship at Candlestick Park.

It was called "The Threepeat Game" because the Niners were on the verge of just that. As a Steelers' fan who was beyond sick of the Niners, I was rooting for the Giants - big-time!

It was a crazy game, with Joe Montana (I'm sorry, isn't that Saint Joe Montana?) getting knocked to San Jose (where clearly, he did not know the way) by Leonard Marshall. I can remember yelling "he's DOWN!" when the hit happened.

This video
picks up the CBS broadcast at Roger Craig's fumble late in the fourth. As Pat Summerall said at the end, "There will be NO threepeat!"

The Giants went onto win Super Bowl XXV.

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