Sunday, January 01, 2012

Dick Clark

Dick Clark was back doing his thing in Times Square for another year. Since suffering a stroke several years ago, this night has become an annual ritual for those who mock or support him.

I say it's all fair game. Dick Clark chooses to go on the air once a year with a voice that is difficult to understand, and some moments that can best be described as "awkward." For those of us who have welcomed him into our living room for so long, it's a tough image.

Full disclosure: I did not watch him, Seacrest, that clown Carson Daly, or anyone else. I watched "The Big Bang Theory" and then "The Honeymooners." Heeelllloooo, ball!

For me, it's not the way I want to remember him. Before Times Square became so clean, it was Clark who stood outside and shivered above the hookers. Yet I remember him as he is in that picture above - as a former Philadelphia DJ and the host of American Bandstand, an iconic TV show hosted by an iconic figure.

I don't think of him with New Year's Eve. At least I don't want to.

I'd rather think of the "Pyramid" (be it $10,000, $20,000, $100,000 or whatever). I'd rather remember the silly clip shows he did with Ed McMahon. There's so much more to what Dick Clark has done in his career, and many don't know that.

Here's a "$25,000 Pyramid" episode from 1983! Ah, good, solid old game shows!

As good luck would have it, I found a 1982 interview that Clark did on "AB" with a little band from San Francisco...

Here's one of the two songs HLN performed that day (the other was "Do You Believe in Love"). This is "Buzz Buzz Buzz."

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your right on. We all can remember Him as he was when he had the dace show. thanks for the blog. said...

Dick Clark will always be remembered.