Sunday, January 22, 2012


I didn't quite achieve my goal for Charleston.  It's my fault, of course.  I had two things I wanted to see: Fort Sumter and the USS Yorktown.  It was my call and it gives me cause to revisit the so-called "Holy City" again one day.

Thursday opened with me taking a walk through the city. Charleston has an amazing amount of history and "Southern charm."
(Just your average street)

This long walk scuttled my plans and I decided I'd rather have lunch with Carrie than go sightsee. She's far more pretty than any Civil War fort or aircraft carrier, so I met her back at our hotel for some real southern soul food at Jestine's Kitchen.

Three words: Coca. Cola. Cake. (Oh my!)

I was back on my own for the afternoon and resumed my long walk - I must have walked at least three miles on this day (and it's good for me). That night, Carrie and I enjoyed the "club" area of our hotel where we were able to grab some appetizers before visiting a few local places (including some incredible homemade mozzarella sticks) before retiring.

On Friday, Carrie and I spent the day together, beginning with some down-home breakfast across from our hotel before hitting the road to see the area, and walking around the Charleston Market.
(The Charleston Market)
And we drove across the amazing Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge.

We also stumbled on Molly Darcy's - an Irish pub/restaurant with two locations...Charleston, and Danbury, CT!

By Friday night, we needed a place for dinner on our last night. Via Urban Spoon, I spun their "wheel" and stumbled upon Barbara Jean's, an amazingly comfortable place for some true Southern cuisine. I had a catfish platter that I simply could not finish (and still regret that fact). We also stopped at a wine bar near our hotel that came with a dog that loved attention (sorry, I didn't take any pictures).

Charleston was done with us. We would depart and start the drive to New York in the morning.

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