Friday, August 26, 2011

So What Do You Think of This Scully Guy?

The Dodgers used to be looked at as a model organization. Even from their latter days in Brooklyn, the Bums were considered to be first-rate. Then they moved to La-La land and became the image of cool.

Now? What a mess.

TJ Simers, whom we last visited in March, wrote in the LA Times that season-ticket holders at Chavez Ravine are being asked to rate the performance of one of the employees.

One Vincent Edward Scully.

No, seriously.

And believe it or not, there are those who do have another opinion on the Great Scully. Those people should be considered unfriendly, or Communist, and shipped to a detention camp. Stat.

Awful Announcing is where I picked up on this story. They have an email from a dissenter.

I will stop there. I have a hurricane to prepare for.

Time to hear from the man himself. This is a nice interview from 2010:

And a Scully call, as Vin welcomes Brooklyn's own Joe Pignatano to the Major Leagues:

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