Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perspective, Chapter 273,466

Mike Flanagan, Cy Young Award-winning pitcher for the Orioles in 1979, was found dead yesterday in his Maryland home. He was 59.

You know there's more to the story, of course. Flanagan became a top executive in the Orioles' organization, at a time when the O's continue to play less-than inspiring baseball.

Indeed, the Orioles, a once top-rate franchise, haven't sniffed the postseason since 1997, and haven't been in the World Series since winning it all in 1983 (with Flanagan as part of their pitching staff).

So word is beginning to break that Mike Flanagan, a well-liked pitcher and person, one with a quick wit, killed himself because the Orioles were bad during his time as an O's executive. has more.

Ugh. Terrible, sad news. Awful.

Don't blame Flanagan for it. Or anyone else. I've long said the Orioles have been a disaster due to their ownership, though today isn't the day for that.

Flanagan had a wife. Three daughters. People who loved him.

Wow. I'm still having trouble wrapping my noggin around this one.

Hug someone. Fast.

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