Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OK, More Links (That Means Linky Dinks Returns!)

Our January trip to San Diego was one of best travel experiences of my life. So when I saw this picture on Shorpy of the Whales...oops, it really doesn't mean that (nor was it discovered by the Germans in 1904). Oh, so where was I? Right! This stunning picture of San Diego, taken in 1913 from the US Grant Hotel which, coincidentally, is where Carrie and I stayed.

Besides, nobody really knows what "San Diego" really means, right? Scholars maintain that the translation was was lost hundreds of years ago.

10 Great love songs from 80's movies (Stuck in the 80's)? I don't know, honeslty, but I can tell you that I'm a huge fan of number five!

I also saw this on Stuck in the 80's. Awesome.

This child's life is off to a solid start.

From Vintage Richmond comes...wait for it...BRUUUUUUUUUCE. Mr. Springsteen and his then-band played Richmond a lot, including this show from 1970 with Steel Mill.

Just saw this from Paul Silverfarb at the Greenwich Post. Nice for Ken Kolb - umpiring at some ballpark in The Bronx!

Lastly, from Greenwich comes word that football practice is open at Cardinal Stadium, but that doesn't mean that games will definitely by played there. Stay tuned...

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