Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Little Hockey on a Summer Day

I saw this on YouTube.  Top 10 playoff soundbites.  Plenty of John Tortorella, of course.  Some others that aren't surprising.  All good for a laugh.

I also got to pondering the question of the greatest goaltender in the history of the Boston Bruins, given their recent Cup (in case you forgot).  See, in New York, that question is not debatable (at least not to me).  Richter, Mike.  Have a nice day.

Just in case a reminder is needed.

In Boston, they can consider Gerry Cheevers, Frank Brimsek, Andy Moog, and so on (and Tuuka Rask!).  But after watching his career, and seeing the clinic he put on this past year, it's hard to argue against Tim Thomas, isn't it? (We need to hear from Doc Emrick)

That's just not fair.

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