Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Linky Dinks

I've got a few things for you tonight...and long overdue, if I do say so myself.

Top-notch, world-class friend Jason Intrieri texted me with the news that his friend Charlie Bentley has retired from coaching hoops at Harding High in Bridgeport, CT.  I covered Coach Bentley as a broadcaster against Greenwich.  He was always nice to me.  I wish him well.  Michael Fornabaio takes us from here via the Greenwich Time.

Much fuss over the 30th anniversary of the debut of MTV.  For me, I had to go my friends houses to see it at all.  We didn't get a VCR until 1983, and cable didn't hit the Adams house until spring, 1985.  But I did see my fair share of MTV.

Ken Fang at Fang's Bites has the timeline of the first hour.

The Stuck in the 80's Blog presents the first 10 videos.  Yikes.

Steve Spears via the St. Petersburg Times laments how we want our old MTV.  In an "I told you so" moment, I knew it was over with the debut of "Remote Control."  There were also "Monkees" reruns, and other things that took the channel away from the music.  I liked the music, and the VJ's.  That should have been enough.

Good friend Charles Costello highlights "helicopter parents."  You see them at all levels - even college.  It's scary.

Tom Hoffarth talks about the change from "Versus" to "NBC Sports Network."  And even though we thought the peacock was going away, that doesn't appear to be the case.  Well at least they didn't screw that up.

The very good WFMU blog posted a portion of a book (if it ever gets published) called the Oral History of Hockey Night in Canada.  As they write in a footnote:
This excerpt comes from an enormous undertaking, the Oral History of Hockey Night in Canada, which is currently stalled due to legalities. The content within was culled from interviews conducted for the project in book form for Harper Collins. The subjects were not interviewed for WFMU.
The topic of the post is Bill Hewitt, son of the legendary Foster Hewitt, who never quite seemed cut out for broadcasting, yet carried the family tradition. It is a very interesting read.

One of the things that I enjoy about Jeff Pearlman's work is his many mentions of Mahopac and the local 'hood.  He writes about King Kone, over on route 100 in Somers, NY.  It's been there forever.

Jeff frequently writes about politics.  I absolutely love this post about Barack Obama.  Most people bought into the hype of "change" in 2008.  I called BS then - as I do now..  I felt people were in love with the idea of being "forward thinking", electing an African American to the highest seat in the world.  We were so desperate for anything after the Bush 43 years.  People cried the night he was elected.  Those tears ring hollow now.

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