Sunday, June 26, 2011

Old Timer's Day

I don't think we need to debate this one. There is nowhere - in any sport - that has the history of the New York Yankees. And today - for some reason, on a Sunday in June - is Old Timer's Day.

Somewhere along the line this day has gone from being a celebration (and it still is) to a tear-jerker. Man, maybe it's the swelling of memories. It's so great to see the faces and hear the names. I love watching how the new players embrace the past.

I don't even always watch the game closely, but I love the introductions. It was for me as a kid when Frank Messer handled them and so it is today with the duo of John Sterling and Michael Kay.

When I was a kid the Yankees always introduced the widows - Claire Ruth and Eleanor Gehrig. Today those widows are Arlene Howard, Helen Hunter, Jill Martin, Diana Munson and Kay Murcer.

You all know how much we still miss Bobby Ray. We especially miss him on Old Timer's Day.

In the older days, the Yankees hosted players from all teams. I fondly remember seeing Willie Mays in 1985. I'd still like to see some of that. And why is John Flaherty in the YES booth? And where's O'Neill?

Ah, no matter. Everything is always andled with class in The Bronx (such as the farwell they're giving to longtime trainer Gene Monahan). The weather is awesome. It's a great day.

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