Saturday, June 25, 2011

Linky Dinks Returns!

Good (CBS New York).  No need for any long-winded thoughts.  Done.  Moving on.

Nick Charles waged a fierce, dignified battle against bladder cancer.  Nick was a wonderful broadcaster, pairing with Fred Hickman on"Sports Tonight."  He died early today at 64 (CNN).

Joe Posnanski pays tribute to Clarence Clemons.  I'm listening to a lot of Springsteen lately (overrated...bah!) and found a copy of his legendary Passaic, NJ show from 1978.  Just Google it and you'll find it.  Oh, and I found a Beatles Bootleg site in the process.  Scary!

I don't like government interference, but I hate smoking.  Jeff Pearlman has had enough.

Belle Island, Richmond, VA, 1965 (Vintage Richmond).  One of my favorite places to stroll in in R-VA.  It's a park now, with lots of access to the James River.  I've walked its pedestrian bridge many times, and last walked around it in 2009 with Jon and his family.  Special times with my friends and Mr. Sean Adams.

The Mannings have outdone themselves.  Purely aweseome.

The greats are slowly fading away.  Left behind is dreck.  Dick Enberg is working his last Wimbledon (USA Today).  The nostalgic side of me would like to see him call the final on NBC, though that wouldn't be fair to Ted Robinson, who does an outstanding job.  Yet for me, despite my affection for John McEnroe and Mary Carillo, Breakfast at Wimbeldon will always be Dick Enberg and Bud Collins.

Did I mention that there's a lot of dreck out there in broadcasting these days?  That feeling grows in me a little more every day.  Or I just want the kids to get off my lawn.

This is a solid "History Will Be Made" spot to salute the Boston Bruins (Fang's Bites).

Welcome back, Jets of Winnipeg.  Well done.  Enjoy your matchup with the Sharks (Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap!).


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