Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Few Hours Later...

Nathan Horton carries the Cup (Anne-Marie Sorvin/US Presswire)
I'm up early on this Thursday morning to head out to work, but a few things crossed my mind.

- Awesome job by the injured Nathan Horton to bring a bottle of water from the TD Garden (should just be the Boston Garden, but that's splitting hairs).  Horton opened the bottle and dumped it on the ice in Vancouver.

- Stay classy, Vancouver.  You rioted during and after the 1994 Cup Finals.  Why should last night and this morning be any different?

- Wow.

- Boston also had a few minor problems, but nothing as bad as what went on in Canada.  Again, New York is so big and bad, but we've never rioted after a championship - win or loss.

- Tim Thomas is the oldest winner of the Conn Smythe Award, and the second American.  Who was the first?  Surely you jest!  He's the guy who got the assist in this nice goal by Alexei Kovalev in the 1994 Cup Finals (which concluded 17 years ago on Tuesday).  Phil Soto-Ortiz asked me to find this goal - done.  Ladies and gentleman, Brian Leetch to Kovalev, past Kirk McLean (of Vancouver), Game 3, 1994 Finals...


who don't like pizza said...

We in New York had a couple of real stinging losses: close Game 7 losses in the 1994 NBA Finals (Knicks vs. Rockets) and the 2001 World Series (Yankees vs. Diamondbacks, in extra innings!), but still there was no rioting afterwards.

Rob Adams said...

And the 1995 Division Series...and 2003 World Series...and 2004 (still can't deal with that one). Even the Mets had that terrible loss in 2006. No riots. Ever.

Stephan White said...

nice post, thanks for sharing.