Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is This Real? The Boston Bruins Have Won the Stanley Cup

Somehow I thought this day would happen.  The Boston Bruins, an original six franchise, would one day get their hands on Lord Stanley's Cup.

Tonight, 39 years after they last won it, defeating the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden, they have taken it back, in the most impressive way: winning Game 7 on the road in Vancouver.  A 4-0 victory just added the explanation point.

What a wonderful feeling for the fans in the Hub.  What devastation for the fans on the Pacific coast of Canada.

Yet tonight - this evening - is about a dear friend.  My friend Harold has waited - sometimes beyond impatiently - for this most special moment.  He is to the B's what I believe I am to the Yankees.  Loyal, frustrated, loving of history, and so on.  He was among the first to contact me following the Yankees' 1996 World Series title, despite his lack of love for the Bronx Bombers.  He knew what it meant to me.

I know what tonight means to him.  I'd call him - I want to - but no.  It's late.  Let him celebrate.

It is now - at 10:45 PM Eastern, 7:45 in Canada - real.

For my fellow broadcaster Sean Ford, I also extend congratulations.  I am also thrilled for him.  Tomorrow morning, on a radio station in Missouri, he gets to tell his listeners that his boyhood team has won the most coveted trophy in sports.

I'm not supposed to like anything from Boston.  It's supposed to be in my blood to hate them.  Yet I don't deslike them.  Not the Bruins.  I have too much respect for them.  Tim Thomas played as fine a goal as I have ever seen a postseason goalie play.  It is because of that he has won the Conn Smythe Trophy, recognizing the playoff MVP.

Congratulations, Boston.  Congratulations to my good friends.  It's a wonderful night for hockey.  Too bad the Canucks couldn't have helped give us all a better show and a little drama.

The only sad part? No more Doc Emrick until October.

The Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup.  Yes, it has happened.

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