Friday, June 10, 2011

The Best Thing About the Anthony Weiner Scandal

I don't think I need to tell you who the man is in the picture above.  Anthony Weiner has become more famous than he ever wished to be.  Or infamous.  Your choice.  He has brought shame to himself (and his wife).  Foolish, foolish, foolish.

Yet there is something good that has come out of it.  Something Manu Raju, writing for NBC New York also noted.

Senator Charles (Microphone) Schumer hasn't been heard from.

See, this clown would speak about moon rocks if given the chance.  I've called for news agencies to step up and boycott going to him for quotes.  He actually inspired me grab the remote the other day and turn the TV to something else - ANYTHING else.  It was as if something had jumped into my body and filled me with contempt.

And this was at Carrie's place.  I quickly apologized, but I probably still looked like an over-emotional, out-of-control embarrassment.

I don't get it.  Just as I never got how Bay State constituents continued to elect Ted Kennedy (ummm...Mary Jo Kopechne, anyone?), I don't get how Schumer keeps getting votes in the beloved Empire State.  I'd vote for a toaster first.  Maybe even for Sarah Palin (oooh...maybe not...gotta think about that).  It isn't solely that I dislike his appearance on every news show (radio, TV, Smartphone) but I don't really think he's a very good politician either.

Coincidentally, my remote snagging, out of body experience happened as Schumer was making a statement...of support...for his friend...Anthony Weiner.

He hasn't been heard from since.

Oh, happy day.

As for Weiner, he did bad, right?  We all agree there.  Yet is he good at his job?  I don't live in his area, so I don't really know.  Did Bill Clinton step down after Monica?

The right answer to what Weiner should do isn't so cut and dried.

The only answer is that he is a fool.

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