Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Atlantic Yards - the "Battle for Brooklyn"

One of these people is the Mayor of New York City.  The other one is Michael Bloomberg, politician.
A new arena is going up in "the BK."  The Atlantic Yards project will become the Barclays Center, and will be the home of the New York whatevers (or the Brooklyn whatevers...the former New Jersey Nets).  Arena Digest has some of the details on the new digs.

They compare and contrast just a touch to how the Nets will handle things, as opposed to the Knicks.  Don't.  Get.  Me.  Started.  On. Them.

(Be positive, Rob...that's what everyone seems to be telling you...be positive...Kumbya, my Lord...)

Anyway, of course building anything in an urban setting means the potential for eminent domain, and this project is no different.  Michael O'Keefe, writing in the New York Daily News, highlights a new documentary that profiles the whole mess.

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