Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Damn...Vancouver Takes Game One

If you didn't watch it, you missed brilliance.  Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo put on a clinic that every other goalie could only wish for.  In the end, Raffi Torres beat Thomas off a borderline offside no-call with under a minute to go, and Vancouver picked up a 1-0 win in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Massachusetts could have used some happy news - certainly in the Springfield area, where they are recovering from a tornado (from The Weather Channel).  NBC Connecticut is reporting at least four people are dead.  The video is stunning.

Best wishes to all in Springfield, a place I normally visit at least once a year to go to The Big E.

While we're here, can Kareem Abdul-Jabbar get a clue?  I always knew he was kind of a pompous clown, and certainly not a beloved player like Magic or Bird or others.  Yet he was awesome in Airplane.  Jeez Kareem (I don't dare call him "Lew"), people like me know you're among the best ever, but come on.  Don't be so trite.

For geeks like me, can't ABC (and ESPN, for that matter) use simple, basic microphone flags (those blocks that you see on a micorphone with the station/network logo)?  They went all high-tech on us (Fang's Bites).  Hell, we use flags at WGCH that date back roughly 20 years.

Oh yeah, WGCH.  I'll be back on there tomorrow night, calling a charity basketball game.  I should be on sometime between six and eight, for some pregame chat.  Chris Erway and I will have the game call around 8:00.

From the worthless file, it appears Major League Baseball has stepped into 2011 and is s-l-o-w-l-y beginning to allow folks to embed video (Fang's Bites...again).  Still, no highlights and such.  Fail.

Lastly, Atlanta has lost hockey for the second time.  Winnipeg's gain is Atlanta's loss.  Just call them the Jets.  Please.

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