Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"The Voice" Steps Away

Bob Sagendorf, the News and Sports Director at WATR in Waterbury (CT), announced this morning that he was retiring from broadcasting.  Although it's somewhat by choice, that probably isn't a fair way to describe this decision.  "Fair" would be the last word I would use in this.  Life, of course, isn't fair.  Bob has been blessed with fabulous pipes that garnered him that nickname: "The Voice."

The voice, unfortunately, has not returned following surgeries, procedures, and therapy.  Bob wrote eloquently on his Facebook page this morning that his doctor said his "professional voice will not return."

"And so", Bob wrote, "I move on."

Bob went on to thank the countless people who have impacted his career over 36 years.  The list of impressive names that he has had the fortune to work with is impressive - and it is they who have been fortunate to work with him.  Bob was with WATR, CBS Radio, ESPN (both radio and TV), Birds Eye Sports, and CTSN.  He counts Chris Berman, Brent Musburger, Phil Simms, Tom Jackson, Dr. Jack Ramsay, Ron Lundy, Harry Harrison, Wolfman Jack, and many other "known" legends as friends and colleagues - past and present.  There are equally as many names that Bob listed who have impacted him - personally and professionally.  You might not know their names, but Bob does - and that's what counts.

I don't know Bob that well, but have had the chance to speak with him via emails and messages over the past several years.  Bob was kind to keep me in mind when CTSN was starting up and has had many nice words to say.  It has been my good fortune to not only hear his work (which will always be exquisite) but to meet him - albeit in a vague way.

Bob and I share the passion for sports and radio, and it is with that knowledge that I find myself sincerely saddened by his announcement this morning.  I wish him many happy times in his future with countless rounds of golf and a fine glass of wine (or two or more).

It isn't often that I use the term "God bless you."  I'm not one to say it for sneezes, for instance, but as one who wants to believe, I say that very thing to Bob today, as he is at peace with God.

Bob, many thanks for everything, on behalf of a grateful radio community.  You've enriched us all.

Now go hit 'em straight!

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The1voyce said...


Many, many thanks! Your words leave me at a loss.

I am privileged to have your association.

Bob Sagendorf