Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Few Pictures

My Facebook friends saw these last night, but I wanted to share them with the blog-o readers.

My niece, Kristy, posted these shots (and others). She said the one above, of my dad holding her (in 1983) prompted her to start scanning the shots. I was pleased to see it. Facebook friends were most kind, with many people saying how they enjoyed seeing my father again. He's missed by so many. I can see the pride and love in his eyes. He really enjoyed being a grandfather.

I also enjoyed seeing this picture.
If I'm right, this is a Sunday, possibly in 1986 (maybe '85). I loved hammocks (still do), and had this cheapie model that I hung between a couple of trees in the back yard. That's Kristy sitting on me.

Just a snapshot back to other times in life.

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