Friday, May 27, 2011

Scottie Pippen is Out of His Mind

Scottie Pippen thinks LeBron James might be the greatest player in the history of the NBA. At least he might be.

And I might be Vin Scully. But I'm not.

LeBron lost his title of greatest anything when he took his talents to South Beach and was no longer the best player on his own team. Say whatever you want about MJ, but Air Michael Jordan (as said in White Men Can't Jump) was always the best on his team, and wouldn't take his talents anywhere that he had to take a back seat to anyone. Once Jordan had the pieces in place, he became a prolific winner. He was already an all-world player.

LeBron will be in the discussion of all-time greats.  But unless something happens, it will stay as Jordan, Wilt, Jerry West, and so on.  To me, it will always begin with Michael.


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