Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life Throws a Curveball and This Kid Hits it Out

Jaydin Goldenstein (AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post)
How would you react?  How would you feel if your mother found herself in various forms of trouble and disappeared from your life completely?  How would you deal with things when you're informed that that same mother is now in dying?  Would you go to be with her in the hospital, simply to get a measure of something back?  And lastly, how would you work with her death.

If you're Jaydin Goldstein, you stay with your mother as she slips away.  Then two days later, you go out and show the world what "must win" really means.  At that point, sports again becomes about the simple game.  Sure, your team needs to win a doubleheader against Wray to secure the league championship.  Sure, you're a pitcher, so you want the ball.  And yeah, you can hit pretty well also.

So let's see about you throw a no-hitter in the opening game, and hit four home runs in the second?

That's how Jaydin Goldstein would react.

Many thanks to "Exit 55" Contributing Editor (made-up title, he'll like it) Mick for passing this one along - with articles on Yahoo (by Cameron Smith) and the Denver Post (by Benjamin Hochman).

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