Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baseball, Work, Life, Writing, and The Renegades

Me - Dutchess Stadium, 2009
From Coach over at the All Things Next Blog comes a bit of pure genius.  Fans tend to get a little punchy (read: stupid) over three-game sweeps in May (imagine what might happen if the Dodgers...I mean, the Mets were to sweep the Yankees this weekend).

In a week in which certain people (like those who have too much time on their hands to comment on everything on Facebook, and a certain Cleveland Indians fan) have been throwing a little dirt on the grave of the 27-time Champs, Coach's post brought me a good laugh.

NOTE: Said Cleveland Indians fan hasn't been that bad.  I'm just messing with my friend, because he has a good sense of humor and that's what friends do.  No dirt has left his hands...yet (insert smarmy smiley-face here!).

Oh, since I brought up Coach and the Next Blog, I've been withholding the news that I've joined the "Next" team as a sports writer.  I'll get paid about as much as I get paid to call Renegades games (and yes, I've been asked to return there as well), but since I am working a little bit again (part-time and no, it's not in radio), I can afford to do these hobbies when I have time.

How many games I'll call for the Gades has yet to be determined.  Hopefully more than the, count 'em, two that I did in 2010, but we'll see.

While I'm talking about the Renegades, the longest-running voice in team history has returned to radio.  My friend and colleague Sean Ford has left New York (where he called the Gades from 1999-2008) for Missouri, where he will be a Sports Director.  He'll be settling into his new life there next week.  I'll miss seeing him around these parts.

That sort of brings us up to date.

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