Friday, June 04, 2010

Way To Go, Bud

We knew he would fail. Just knew it. Knew that those who are in charge are often gutless. Yet we hoped, as I wrote yesterday.

Bud Selig will not recognize Armando Galarraga's perfect game. No reverse of Jim Joyce's terrible call. It will stay as it is, and we move on.

Yet to those who say "Get Over It" (and you know who you are), let me ask this: what would be the harm? What are you afraid of? Galarraga pitched a perfect game. Recognize it. Show some onions for a change.

There would have been no precedent. This was a one-time thing.

Baseball had a chance. Bud Selig had a chance. And he failed. And the sport looks worse for it.


Tim Parry said...

I'm in Camp Getoverit, and not because I am an Indians fan. Was it a blown call? Very much so. Why don't I think it should be reversed? It sets the tone for other on-field judgment calls to be reversed by the commissioner's office. Will we ever see a case again where a perfect game is blown with 2 out in the ninth on a bad judgment call? Who knows?

I forgot where I'm going with this...

tonykalo said...

Baseball had an asterick for maris's 61 due to the amount of games played that year was more than when ruth hit his 60.

the pine tar game.

endless amounts of players used steroids,hgh, etc.

the allstar game actually means something( the winning league gets to host the first 2 and last 2 world series games)yet the fans vote for the players..

but a man pitches a perfect game, everyone knows it.. the players, fans, mgrs,Umpires, and the commish.. and yet it wont be known in the books as such..

all because we want to keep the integrity of the game..
and based on a few of the items i listed tell me that isn't just a bunch of CROCK

... anthony kalogrides

hey rob i couldnt find you on facebook.. too many rob adams in this world.. next time you go on find me would ya..!!

take it easy

Rob Adams said...

Tim, don't you have some status updates to do ;)

Bottom line to me is this isn't a big deal, and Chicken Bud can use his Best Interest of Baseball clause to fix a situation that would hurt anyone. There would be no bad side.

Anthony - I'll find you on Facebook.

Tim Parry said...

Question... Did the Tigers protest? And can a judgment call be protested? If it can and they did, then Bud Selig (or whoever handles the protests) could have overturned it and the game would have to continue from that spot.

So it wouldn't even officially be a perfect game, yet, until they have a do-over.

I'd if that was to happen, I'd hope the Indians would send Eddie Gaedel to pinch hit (wait, that would induce a walk, better sign LeBron James to a 1-game contract. Bigger strike zone and he's a Yankees fan so he's not about to help the Tribe out).

Rob Adams said...

The Tigers didn't need to protest. Bud can use his Best Interest of Baseball clause. There would be no need to continue because overturning the call makes it the 27th out. We would be done.

Hopefully the Hall of Fame has the balls to recognize it for something, at the least being "imperfect."

Whatever - you, Chris Kaelin, and others in Camp Getoverit win, because of a spineless twerp named Bud Selig, who is more concerned with making the All-Star Game "count", and bastardizing a game that, while popular, has also lost countless fans. And the game is getting ripped in other countries for what happened.

Tim Parry said...

Has a commissioner ever overturned an on-field judgement call in the great history of MLB? No, but maybe next fans will want ninth-place trophies in the spirit of everybody being a winner.

I'm not a fan of John Sterling, but he has the perfect saying for stuff like that: "that's baseball."

Rob Adams said...

Wow. I don't know what to say at this point. There's no precedent being set here. Nothing further to come of it. A one-time special case. Bud could do it. He didn't. I disagree. Life goes on.

And going back and forth on it ain't going to do any of us any good.

Tim Parry said...

sure it is... it'll keep the thread alive forever! :)

Rob Adams said...

That's what I'm afraid of!

Tim Parry said...

true, you'll have to clone yourself to have the time to approve and respond to comments!