Friday, June 04, 2010

Linky Dinky Dinks!

Soooo much to put up. Some of it is old. You'll adjust.

Chuck Costello updates us on some good Greenwich baseball news. I'm sad to say that I haven't seen a single pitch of the 2010 Cards, but happy that Jesse Quinlan (good guy), Paul Silverfarb and others covered them. I'm also very happy for head coach Mike Mora (and his staff). Mike was named the FCIAC Coach of the Year.

I consider Mike a friend. Sorry if that's a conflict of interest. Which brings me to Jeff Pearlman and Jay Glazer. At the level that I work, it's quite easy to strike up relationships. It also used to happen during long train rides between riders and the old ballplayers, so I don't feel like it's anything new.

Speaking of Jeff, he writes about owing a man named John Degl an apology. Here's the twist: I know John Degl. I used to watch John and his brother (they were hardly babies, so it wasn't babysitting) a lot in the 80's. We'd play ball, shoot hoops, ride quads, bikes, etc. I know he turned into a great wrestler at Mahopac High and maybe he could be a bit of a bully (I get where Jeff is coming from). But to me, he was just John - a good kid. We're Facebook friends, and I hope he's a good man.

The Great Scully (in song), from Tom Hoffarth.

Benjamin Hill tells of mascot meanderings in the New York-Penn League. Specifically, this is at Tri City (they play in Troy, NY). I was just up that way last weekend.

Renegades season is approaching quickly, by the way! Looking forward to getting my game on again.

Brian Anderson says the Brewers booth isn't right without Mr. Baseball. Maybe not, but BA is doing a great job.

Great story of the Immaculate Reception from a media angle. Thanks to Mike Silverstein and the crew of Behind the Steel Curtain.

Perhaps you've seen it, butt if you haven't head to Stuck in the 80's for Lady Gaga, Elton John and others doing "Don't Stop Believin" and a link to the Great Springsteen doing Bryan Adams' "Cuts Like a Knife." Fun, fun stuff.

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