Thursday, June 17, 2010

The New CIAC Football Lineup

Thanks to Sean Patrick Bowley, here is the new layout for high school football in Connecticut. Greenwich will stay in Class LL (there's nowhere else for them to go).

Tim Parry would have put this on the FCIAC Football Blog, except's gone. And that's all there is to say about that. I talked to him about it, and it was over. He has his reasons, and he has an open door to come here and write about it if he ever wants to. When something stops being fun, it's time to leave.

Don't forget, the 2010 Greenwich Red and White Football Game is coming this Saturday! The broadcast will be on WGCH at 9:50 AM. Sean Kilkelly and I will call it, with a combination of Chris Erway, Chris Kaelin, and Nick Angotto involved somehow. Rob Crowley returns to run the controls in the studio.


Tim Parry said...

I'd love to do a Top 10 list of people I'm throwing under the bus for making me realize it's time to shut the damn thing down. Except 1) I have myself to blame as well (that's not the same as "I'm going to be a Daddy," I jumped the shark after the 08 season). And 2) I'm going to star classy.

Rob Adams said...

#3...Rob Adams. I don't really know why. Guilty conscience!

Seriously, I'm glad you're staying classy. It's not worth it.