Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something is Very Wrong With This Picture


Look at that.  It makes me sick.  Yes the moustache is gone, but that is clearly Donald Arthur Mattingly, the pride of Evansville, IN.  The guy who was well on his way to the Hall of Fame when his body betrayed him.  The guy that had a great shot at a World Series ring in 1994 when his sport betrayed him.

Now, he’s in Dodger blue, with an interlocking “LA” on his hat.  And his number is eight.


He once looked like this:


And now, Don Mattingly, once and forever our Donnie Baseball, looks like this, with Mr. Torre in Lala Land.

022508166This weekend, Torre, Mattingly, and their Dodgers take on Jeter, Mo, Jorgie, and Andy, along with the rest of the defending world champs.  There will be much talk about Joe Torre – the book, the years in New York, his departure.  But there will be Don Mattingly – our Don Mattingly, pursuing his World Series dream in a strange land.

The great Scully will be broadcasting these games, by the way.

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