Thursday, June 17, 2010

Broadcasting to Be Done

The Renegades held their media day today at Dutchess Stadium. Good to see so many familiar faces.

The Gades booth has a fair chance to look like the one in the original Naked Gun movie. Not sure how much play-by-play I'll actually be doing this year, but I've put in my request for the Brooklyn games, and a few others. Some home games, Tri-City, Connecticut, and so on. Kind of think I've worked hard for the team for 10 years (on and off) but nothing is ever assumed.

Before that, we have the annual Greenwich Red and White game on Saturday. The pregame show begins at 9:50 Saturday morning. I'll call the play-by-play, with Sean Kilkelly analyzing things. Chris Erway and Chris Kaelin will man the sidelines, and Nick Angotto will likely join the fun as well.

Listen live, please?

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