Friday, October 24, 2008


No, not that...


(For the record, that's Penn State's White Out in the picture)

Earlier this week, Greenwich's Shane Kelly sent me a note on my Facebook page, asking me to announce to the world that tonight will be a "white out" at Cardinal Stadium. That is, all fans are asked to wear white to the game against the highly touted St. Joseph Green Knights. I've promoted it on WGCH all week, and am now making the announcement here.

BUT! In the interest of my credibility and objectivity, which occasionally gets questioned (I think unfairly but whatever, your mileage may vary), allow me to tell you that I'm wearing brown cargo pants, a light brown half-zip sweatshirt, and a white T-shirt underneath. Call it a compromise. I just think it's best for me if I don't go full-out.

I've told the rest of the WGCH crew that they can do as they wish.

More importantly, the Cardinals need a win. Desperately. A loss and they're all but done in the state playoffs. A faint hope, I suppose, but it's not realistic. They might still make an FCIAC run though. A win against that number two team in the MSG Tri-State poll and now they're cooking with gas, but it still might not help them in the state.

St. Joe's is 5-0 and has outscored their opponents 174-6. Wow.

Game time is 7:00. I have no idea what time the pregame show will start. Hope the sponsors don't mind.

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Tim Parry said...

sure, they couldn't do that on a warmer night... not many white parkas out there...