Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool Boston Hockey Celebrations

From Neil Best comes this fun piece of YouTube goodness, featuring the Boston Bruins and Bobby Orr, following their clinching of Lord Stanley's Cup in 1970.

Orr is probably my favorite non-Ranger (certainly my favorite hockey player not named Messier, Leetch, Richter, or Graves). Then again, the B's are my favorite Boston sports team.

I love the commentary from, among others, Dan Kelly (probably the USA's best hockey announcer ever) and Bill Mazer (who I once talked to on WFAN). Plus I love things that I've never seen before. I've seen Bobby Orr score the famous goal (do I NEED to explain it?) a million times, but I've never seen this. Cool stuff.

Get it? Cool? Hockey? Ice? HAH!

I think what I love most of all is how none of this is scripted. Now everything is organized. In hockey, they line up along the ice from goal to goal for the handshake. Here, they just gathered in front of the goal. It's real and spontaneous.

I'm alive in the wrong era. I'm sure you've gathered that.

God I wish the Boston Garden still existed. Have I mentioned that I'm saddened that Yankee Stadium is going away?

Harold, I completely understand if all of this makes you teary-eyed. I truly hope I'm in the room when the Bruins win that elusive Cup. Might not be this year though if the Rangers have anything to say about it.

The first part of this video, including the famous goal is here:

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