Monday, October 13, 2008

Damn, Dan

That's Dan Orlovsky, the pride of Shelton, class of 2001. Dan led the Gaels to the 2000 Class LL Championship at the cost of the Greenwich Cardinals (a game broadcast on WGCH by two wonderful announcers who were very cold, standing on top of the booth at Ken Strong Stadium).

Anyway, Dan went from Shelton to UConn, where he was very successful, then was drafted by the Lions, and waited for his chance. He got it Sunday, and committed the above no-no. Oh, and the Lions lost by two.

Standing on the other side of the field on Sunday, playing for the Minnesota Vikings, was one Mr. John Sullivan...who was across the field from Orlovsky on the fateful day in '00.

Life's funny that way.

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Mockerman said...

Speaking of FCIAC/Greenwich blasts from the past, I came across this story over at ESPN. It's about Naples, and apparently they are STILL a tough team. A REAL TOUGH team.

- Rob