Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phillies Win...Philly Chaos Begins

From the blog comes the following post:
A crowd for people just took over a fire truck at Broad and Walnut. Thousands of people are massing here in Center City. Many are running down Broad Street. Meanwhile, thousands of fans are marching up Broad Street from the stadium area. Around the stadium, multiple small fires are being reported, with lots of bottle throwing and broken glass.
Yeah, I had a bad feeling about this.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

People can say what they want about New York, but this type of stuff thankfully doesn't happen here. Don't know if we just have more cops, better trained cops, whatever these other places all seem to just not be able to control themselves.

Rob Adams said...

I agree. One other thing about New York. When a series is over, especially a respecfully hard-fought series like this one, New Yorkers don't boo when the owner mentions the other team.

Not looking to rip Philly. More so looking to defend New York. We really do get a bad rap.

Anonymous said...

YEa but let New york go 28 years without a championship and tell me what happens

Rob Adams said...

The Yankees went 18 years without (which is a lifetime to many) and nobody turned over cars, or lit fire. The Rangers went 54 years and nothing bad happened.

I understand that Philly has a hunger after 25 years of no titles, and 28 for the Phils, but come on! Still, I congratulate a passionate town like Philly for getting a title.