Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Really Cool You Tube Goodness

A coworker alerted me to this, and it is crazy cool. Imagine this band coming to your town...

I'm not sure I'd mess around with that lineup.

Oh, and I especially love the Elvis/Keith Moon exchange. Awesome.

OK OK OK...I've been missing. Lots to do, lots to say, lots to catch up on. I've not given you two weeks worth of Bill Gonillo Five's, for instance, and I didn't even vote in this past week's poll. Shame on me!

For the record, New Canaan is my number one, and Staples has tumbled badly.

I think I worried people enough that a certain carnival-driven blogger sent me a note on Facebook wondering about my well-being. I'm OK - just riding the roller coaster of life. I have these enormous high points (but know that a crash is coming...and it normally does).

As such, this just qualified for Rule 55!

1 comment:

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Dare to dream, dare to dream!

Seriously, this is really, really cool!