Wednesday, October 08, 2008

One Change to the WGCH Football Broadcast Schedule

If I ever needed another reason to dislike the Boston Red Sox, it's this.

WGCH has decided to bail out of our coverage of this Saturday's Brunswick/Rye Country Day School broadcast due to a conflict with Game Two of the American League Championship Series. Thankfully we're keeping our commitment to carry the Greenwich/Ridgefield game on Friday night, and joining Game One of the ALCS in progress after we go off the air.

This decision takes money out of my pocket, so as such, I get grumpy. Plus any time local sports gets the shaft, I get really grumpy. Then add in the fact that it's the Red Sox, and I'm full-on ballistic.

Such is life. So I figured I'd spend Saturday with The Son. Nope - that doesn't seem to be happening. So I'm going to do something for the weekend. I have a couple of ideas...

Therefore, we've reached a second straight Rule 55 moment. Watch the following video of Eric Clapton, and if you don't know...IT'S A JOKE!!!

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