Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MLB TV Might Want to Fix This

I'm enjoying the coverage of the Yankees/Virginia Tech baseball game, courtesy of MLB TV, who offered it for free. Believe me, I'm not complaining, but there is something that is a touch wrong.

The coverage is from the YES Network, with Michael Kay and Bob Lorenz on the call. No problem there. When they go to commercial though, that's where MLB kicks in. Among their spots is one from the San Francisco Giants - looking to drum up ticket sales. Fans are asked for their favorite Giant. By now, you can figure out where this is going...

Barry Bonds.


Barry Bonds isn't a Giant anymore.


Perhaps they would like to update the spot and add perhaps Willie Mays? Stretch McCovey? Bobby Ray Murcer (who was, sadly, a Giant from 1975 and 1976)?

Oh, and great job by the Yankees today with this appearance in Blacksburg. Sorry, once in a while, the Bombers look really really good. This is one of those days where the Evil Empire isn't very evil.

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