Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Madness

By far, this is the least comfortable I've ever felt with my brackets. I try to do conventional thinking, but also think "outside the box." Some years that works great - other years don't go so well (last year was pretty bad).

For the record, Sandi won the pool that we were in last year. No - it did not bother me. It was found money, first of all, and it proved what I knew all along:

- That just because I'm a sports broadcaster doesn't mean that I automatically excel at these things,
- That you need a lot of luck to win these things, and more importantly...
- Despite what she says, she has a clue about sports. She'll deny it, but she knows just enough.

Honestly, I was proud of her.

OK, enough stalling. Here are my god-awful picks for the Final Four:

East - Louisville
Midwest - Kansas
South - Texas (almost took Pitt, just because)
West - UCLA

Two number one's, a three, and a two. After that, I have Kansas and UCLA in the title game (not out on a limb there). In honor of the Wizard of Westwood - the great John Wooden (Yankees fan, by the way), I'll take the Bruins of UCLA to win the National Championship.

Incidentally, I heard Billy Packer interviewed today by Mike and the Mad Dog, and he said the Wizard's body is breaking down (he's 97, after all) but his mind is still as sharp as ever. John Wooden is a treasure - that's for sure.

Let the Madness begin!

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