Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crime Town?

I kid, of course, with the title of this post, but the quiet little area of Carmel and Lake Carmel has been in the news over the past 48 hours for being a hotbed of crime activity.

Things began on Monday, when a robbery occurred at the Putnam County Savings Bank on route 52 in the town of Kent - just north of the hamlet of Carmel.

Then things got really crazy yesterday. An attempted robbery was foiled inside the Rite Aid pharmacy in the Shop Rite plaza on route 52 in Carmel. Just for reference purposes, this plaza is close enough to the current Casa Adams that I've walked there to get lunch from Redendo's pizza place and to buy pool supplies at the now-defunct Orange County Pools location.

Next came the shocker - a rare Putnam County murder. This happened in Lake Carmel.

Allow me to stop here for a moment to give you the geography lesson. Lake Carmel is situated in the town of Kent. The hamlet of Carmel is in the town of Carmel. Mahopac is also part of the town of Carmel. Lastly, the lake you see when you're in the hamlet of Carmel is Lake Gleneida...not Lake Carmel. That, as I said earlier, is in the town of Kent.

And just for Ricky Fritsch, the Cardinals are defending the west end zone.

OK, I digress.

I have to admit that I made a fast phone call to my brother, who lives fairly close to where the murder took place. He assured me that A) he's very much alive, and B) that he wasn't using his one phone call from jail to call me.

Trust me, we have that kind of relationship. It's a sick sense of humor.

UPDATE: Holy Cow! We have a Bobbitt on our hands! From the Journal News:
Pamala L. Murray Mirra, 41, of 49 Clubhouse Road, Lake Carmel, is charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, felonies, in the beating and stabbing of 56-year-old Frank J. Mirra, whom authorities believe was her husband.

Christopher York, chief assistant district attorney for Putnam County, said today that Kent police recovered a sledgehammer and knife believed to be the murder weapons from the two-story house at 49 Clubhouse Drive in the Lake Carmel section of Kent.

He also confirmed that the victim was knifed in his groin area and that his penis was cut.

"There were knife injuries to the genital area," York said.
Well now! That

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