Saturday, March 29, 2008

Might be Time For the Seahawks to Get Over It

- Photo by Dan Powers, The Post-Cresscent.
I've had my say about the Steelers win in Super Bowl XL. A couple of the so-called "bad calls" that went the Stillers way in that game were RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE OFFICALS' EYES.

As I recall, the striped shirts didn't have much to do with the blown plays (like letting the Steelers complete a 37-yard pass on THIRD and 28, or the dropped passes, or the Hines Ward touchdown catch...).

OK, so that was then. Gotta get over it, you say? Well give a read to THIS!
A 24-year-old South Kitsap man — and self-proclaimed Seattle Seahawks fan — was arrested Sunday for allegedly spitting on the hamburger he prepared for a man wearing Pittsburgh Steelers attire, according to Kitsap County Sheriff's Office reports.
Is it something you might have thought about? Perhaps, but to actually do it?


Move on, fella.

Besides I have more pressing things to worry about. Like why - in the Facebook quiz called "What is Your 80's Song?" was my answer Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive?"

Why oh why?

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