Tuesday, March 25, 2008

F***ing Right I Did!

Uh oh...a little trouble for Andy Brickley, colour (it's hockey, after all) commentator for the Boston Bruins on NESN. It seems Mr. Brickley didn't realize that they had come back from a commercial break.

I'm unable to embed the video, so hop over to Boston Sportz for the proof.

UPDATE: An intrepid reader (and the person who this post was actually directed at) sent me an email (as I knew he would). I hope he doesn't mind me pasting in a few of his notes:
- He made his comments when they were supposed to be going into a commercial break
- It may have only been heard/broadcast on the HD feed. I don’t have the HD feed and nothing was broadcast during the standard definition broadcast.

That being said, a lot more was made (from B’s fans on the hockey boards) that he seemed to be taking veiled shots at Dale Arnold (former B’s announcer)
So there you have it. In all honesty, not a whole lot is really being made of it so far outside of Boston, so we'll see what (if anything) develops.

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