Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Now it Can Be Said

In 1995, Michael Jordan made his return to basketball after his first retirement in which he played minor league baseball. Upon his return, his PR lackeys sent out a press release with just two words...

"I'm back."

Well that's what I'm here to say today. No - I'm not going back to the NBA, but I'm returning to radio. Effective October 1st (most likely), I will become the traffic manager for the Business and Lifestyle Talk Radio Networks, and continue as Sports Director at WGCH. This means that I will also be filing daily sports reports from six to nine every morning on the NewsCenter with Tony Savino. In addition, I will fill in for Tony when he needs some time off. There are some other bits and pieces to it that will help drive things up, but that's enough for a start.

So what about the red bullseye, you say? Well I don't know that I'm done there just yet. Upon resigning last night, my manager said that he would be talking with HR about ways to keep me around. At its base, I enjoyed my time in Target and am more than willing to stay on a few hours every week. If that doesn't fly, then there are a few other options that I have - both in retail and maybe in media as well. As mentioned before, I wrote a preview of Greenwich water polo for the Greenwich Citizen and will next have a recap of the Brunswick/Kingswood-Oxford game from last Saturday.

I would write more for the Citizen, but I'm finding that to do it justice, I really need a stat person. I thought I had one but he stopped answering my emails, so I'm here to say that if anybody wants to join us - let me know.

Also, I'd really like to get a show back on the air and I could do so with a sponsor or sponsors. I have a nice contact list of names and that can only build up higher. The focal point would be local, but there's no need to ignore national stuff either. So if you know anybody that would like to help get it going, let me know.

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Harold said...

Good for you. Congrats!!! Welcome back to the air!