Saturday, September 15, 2007

Three Quickies

1) Greenwich knocked off Central last night, 21-12. Neither team impressed me, but the Cardinals showed just a little more talent to win. Their running game and defense were the reasons for the win, not the new spread offense. That will come with time, but it didn't click last night. Tucker Stafford has got the goods but looked nervous at times last night, as he seemed to be rushing and overthrowing receivers.

We had a fairly good broadcast, despite the play-by-play man's total exhaustion. Nick, Sean and Zach Fisher (in a cameo role) kept me going. Jason Intrieri treated me to chili dogs and water from the famed catering truck at Kennedy Stadium. Thanks, Jason! It was also great to see Tim Parry, in his ultra-neon t-shirt.

2) Brunswick plays at Kingswood-Oxford today in West Hartford at 2:00. It's a rainy day here so that won't make for a lot of fun. Pregame show on WGCH at 1:50.

3) I have news, but I can't reveal it until I take care of some business in the next day or so. A new horizon will hopefully continue to brighten the outlook. A few of you have heard about this from me away from the blog so hopefully you know what I'm talking about.

Stay classy!

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