Thursday, September 20, 2007

Greenwich 28, Darien 7

Yawn. Nothing much to add. The game was long and kind of boring. The broadcast was OK - except Sean Kilkelly had to bow out at the last minute due to work. Being fairly resourceful, I brought sideline expert Nick Angotto to the booth for analysis duties, and grabbed halftime guest Tim Parry, who stayed on for the second half.

It was one of the longer game that I can remember. The officials just weren't cohesive and there were a lot of stoppages. Oh well.

The GHS Cheerleaders used the music edit that I created for them. I'm always proud of it - and them.

It's always great to be at Cardinal Stadium - it's home...even if we're only there four times this regular season.

On the field, Greenwich has to cut down on penalties and find some consistency. They seem out of sorts.

I spoke with Darien head coach Rob Trifone for about 10 minutes tonight before the game. What a great guy - forthright, funny, and interesting. I appreciated his time, and wish more coaches were that approachable.

That's enough for tonight - I just got home and I have to be at the bullseye in the morning.

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