Thursday, June 21, 2007

Graduation, T-Ball and So On

Your 2007 Carmel T-ball Giants. Front Row, from left to right: "Little" Sean and Troy. Back Row, from left to right: Casey Stengel, Michael, Zach, "Big" Sean, JP, Ethan, and Coach Dave. Missing: Gabriel, Joseph, and Ryan. (Photo credit - Sportography 877-792-9257)

I'm so jealous - The Son's baseball card (Photo credit - Sportography 877-792-9257)

"The Seans" after the trophy ceremony (Photo credit - me)

That should pretty much put a wrap on the 2007 T-ball experience. I'm very proud of each of these young boys and hope they keep playing. America needs baseball players and I'm glad each of them tried their hardest. Some were tougher to coach than others, but they were all fun to be with. I won't deny that I had a few favorites, but I treated them all the same. For those who worried about coaching The Son (that would include The Wife), those fears were unfounded. If anything, we grew closer as Sean was one of only two players that I can think of who made every practice and game. He seemed to enjoy working with me and any other coach (thanks to Coach Dave and Coach John). He always tried, and I didn't push him. He was an exceptional teammate, and the team's best landscaper. It was a great experience.

I have been asked if I will be back to coach in 2008 and my answer is "why not?" I had a blast and so long as it fits in my schedule, I will be there.

Last night, I attended the graduation of my nephew Michael - the first of my sisters children to come out of high school. My brother, mother, sister and two of her other children also attended the ceremony at Fairfield Warde High School. I have a few beefs how things were run, but when you can get through a graduation ceremony in just over an hour, then you're doing something right.

That said, it's a good idea to have somebody say "Would you please rise for the singing of 'America The Beautiful'? That will be followed by the reading of the Pledge of Allegiance." Just a thought.

Oh, and introduce the speakers. They deserve that moment.

Anyway, Michael is one of the really good people in this world but has a lot on his mind. Then again, who doesn't? If he can keep his head about him, he'll be OK. I'm extremely proud of him. He has a wonderful grace - even pulling me aside to make sure that I tell The Wife that he wished he could have invited her. I know she appreciated those thoughts.

I always enjoy being with my family - my niece Katie is great fun and my sister is one of my best friends in the world. My brother and I don't talk as often (we're not great at the "phone" thing) but when we do get together, it's best if you run and hide. No target gets away from us. Poor Katie - we apologize for the abuse we heaped on you regarding your boyfriend. We like him a lot. Honest.

Unfortunately I can't reveal too much of what the brothers were saying but if you know men at all, then you have a good idea. We find ways to amuse ourselves at such events.

For a little more on the graduation, pop over and read Tim Parry's thoughts. Why? Because as my family and I were waiting for the ceremony to begin, I looked up and there was Tim, covering the event for the Fairfield Citizen-News. Tim will have an article on it in the upcoming issue.

All of this made it easier to accept that the Yankees have lost two in a row to the Rockies.

Incidentally, it looks like we (WGCH, that is) goofed. I had told the station a while back when the Red and White Football Game would be at Cardinal Stadium. Wires seem to have gotten crossed and the long story-short is that we didn't cover the game. We apologize for any inconvenience. That being said, I wouldn't have been there anyway. I had a conflict with the Carmel Sports Association picnic and I belonged with my family (there's a subject for another day because I think some people need to rethink their priorities on that subject. Families are supposed to do things together. Then again, I'm old-fashioned). Anyway we'll be back for the coverage of GHS football - probably with a scrimmage - in the fall.

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