Monday, June 25, 2007

And You Might Ask, "Where Does That Highway Go To?"

More road goodies for you to review and ponder!

I've kind of hinted to you about the vast "road culture" that exists on the Internet, and it seems like it's growing. There are several sites that I highly recommend to you for information, history, pictures and more, but today - I'm hitting you with a few videos.

From YouTube, have a look at the following videos, courtesy of FreewayJim.

First up, let us take a drive around New Orleans on Interstate 10 and the Business 90 Expressway (more commonly known as the Pontchartrain and Westbank Expressways):

Incidentally, I asked Jim if he used "Gimme Shelter" on purpose and yes, the tongue was definitely in cheek on that selection, but it also fit the beat of the video.

Next, a trip through The Burgh (and don't ask "what 'Burgh"). Jim takes a quick trip around parts of the Steel City.

What's not to love about the use of the classic 70's tune "Driver's Seat" by the immortal Sniff 'n The Tears (bonus points for knowing that)?

He has lots more, and I admit that I chose those two videos since they're places I've been and have driven. Plenty of other videos like that to be found on the 'net, if you care about such things!

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