Saturday, June 23, 2007

All-Star Voting

I've placed my votes for the 2007 All Star Game - even though it has become a full-on farce (you know - "this one counts"). I'm not one to stuff ballot boxes for my favorite Yankees, as you will see. Yes, I did vote for three of them, but tell me who is more deserving at their positions than Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Jorge Posada. You can try to tell me who is more deserving, but you'd be wrong.

Anyway, here are my 2007 All-Stars (Stats as of this morning):

American League
1st Base: David Ortiz (Red Sox - .326,13,46)
2nd Base: Aaron Hill (Blue Jays - .274,9,43)
3rd Base: Alex Rodriguez (Yankees - .326,27,75)
Shortstop: Derek Jeter (Yankees - .345,5,35)
Catcher: Jorge Posada (Yankees - .339,9,43)
Outfielder: Vladamir Guerrero (Angels - .324,13,66)
Outfielder: Magglio Ordonez (Tigers - .381,13,68)
Outfielder: Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners - .358,5,37)

National League
1st Base: Albert Pujols (Cardinals - .303,16,47)
2nd Base: Chase Utley (Phillies - .322,12,58)
3rd Base: Miguel Cabrera (Marlins - .331,16,53)
Shortstop: Jimmie Rollins (Phillies - .283,13,45)
Catcher: Benjie Molina (Giants - .293,7,38)
Outfielder: Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds - .283,19,44)
Outfielder: Matt Holliday (Rockies - .359,13,59)
Outfielder: Aaron Rowand (Phillies - .315,10,39)

OK, I'll admit to one mistake - I should have voted for Jose Reyes. Maybe it's that stupid "Jose" song that Mets fans sing that made me ignore him. Either way, my bad on that one. I just looked at the ballot, forgot about Reyes, and decided that I liked Rollins. I was wrong on that.

As for catcher, anytime I hear about a team trying to get fans to stuff the boxes, it hits me wrong. I like to vote based on who deserves to go. If Paul LoDuca was a no-brainer, I'd vote for him. I looked things over, and decided that I'd prefer seeing Benjie Molina instead. That's where opinions come in. I think LoDuca's an ass-clown, so when all things are considered (cheesy Shea Stadium voting campaign, stats comparable to Molina, and Molina's better defensively), well...we have a winner.

Oh, and I was not going to vote for Mr. Bonds...unless they're going to be handing out free needles at the game. He might make it anyway since it's in his own ballpark, but he's not getting my vote. His attitude and other things makes him the wrong guy.

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