Monday, March 11, 2013

This Post Isn't Comprised Of Bad English

So I learned something today. Even though I'm...puffs chest out...a “writer,” I am happy to say that I continue to pick things up.

I overheard my friend and colleague (and New England Rookie of the Year at NENPA), James Passeri, say that the phrase “comprised of” is, essentially, poor wording. His point was that it is redundant.

One can be composed of. Things can be comprised. You can find a place for comprises.

But comprised of? No.

So there.

In a sentence, then, "Mariano Rivera's career has been composed of complete dominance.  Over six-hundred saves, plus 42 in the post-season, Rivera has been, unquestionably, the greatest relief pitcher of all time."

On this #MarianoMonday, it's just too easy.

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