Thursday, March 07, 2013

I Probably Owe You All an Apology

It's possible, even likely, that you're all sick of me by now.

No, I mean that.

I do my Facebook thing, and Twitter too.  I'm here (on the ol' bloggo).  I'm on WGCH (when I can actually get there).  I'm in the Wilton Bulletin.

Shamelessly, I post about all of these things.

I interviewed Tom Coughlin, the head coach of the New York Giants (as if there is any other Tom Coughlin) this morning.  That will air Monday night on "The Press Box."  I was on WGCH, doing sports reports with my friend Tony Savino.  I came to Ridgefield, and saw the paper, and posted about a story that I wrote.

I also have a story on page one.  Yup.  My first time on the cover.  Even Sean thought that was a big deal.

I'm proud of all of this - 100%.  I'm also humbled.

I don't post these things to boast.  If anything, I do it to promote - to get you to read, listen, watch, etc.  But truthfully, I'm amazed.  I'm still stunned, and not jaded in the least, that I get to do these things.

Everybody on "The Press Box" wanted to talk to Coach Coughlin after I found out that we could get him for the show, and I don't blame them.

I was also going to let my writing colleague Paul Silverfarb in on the fun, as I've been trying to build a good give and take between us and the paper.  Folks, you have to be multiple platforms in this era.  Print, video, audio, electronic - everything.  It's needed for survival.

In the end, the Coughlin interview got whittled down to 10 precious minutes and I did it alone, which is probably just as well since we just didn't have a lot of time.

So when you see the posts - on the blog, on social media ("Facebook" as almost become a dirty word to me), please excuse me as I mean no harm.  I apologize in advance for coming off like a braggart or a narcissistic clown.

I'm proud, and I want you all to see these things.

But I'm sorry if it's too much.

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