Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Flo - you know, the Progressive Insurance woman - hit five million followers on some social media site*.

*I've just about hit the point where the word combining where my eyes, nose, and mouth reside, along with something we read, is filthy to me.  I'm sick of hearing it.  Anyway, carry on.

Anyway, I like Flo.  I have a soft spot for Flo.  Sean didn't seem to be bothered when I said I liked Flo, and he called her "my girlfriend."  That meant he wanted me to be happy and move on.  So, yeah, I'll always have a special space for Flo.

The Progressive people did a commercial for her best moments.  Enjoy*.

* I also like Maxwell, the Gecko, the cavemen, and even the Aflac duck.  Oh, and Mayhem.  And Pedro Cerrano. And the "blah blah insurance people."  Have I missed anyone?

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