Sunday, March 03, 2013

More Writing

I'm baffled as to why you all haven't ordered your subscriptions for the Bulletin yet?!?!

OK, maybe I'm not baffled.

Still, the latest issue is out, and there's much goodness to be found.  I can be found on page one of the Wilton Life section, with a story about a group of adults who decided they wanted to become adults.

Wait, what?

Well, they all received their b'nai mitzvah (the plural of bar or bat mitzvah), which is essentially the Jewish equivalent of being seen as an adult.

I didn't attend the ceremony, but I did speak with the rabbi and one of the celebrants.

Look, I'm no religion guy (shocker), but I respect these people for doing what they wanted to do.

Apparently, you can see many of the online stories that I've written here.

As for my editorial, well, it feeds off of that b'nai mitzvah story.

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