Thursday, March 28, 2013

Perfect For Me

There are moments in my world at the Wilton Bulletin where parts of my life can collide nicely.  The Tom Coughlin interview that I turned into an story for the paper is a good example.  Next month, I'm going to get to cover some Ridgefield baseball games.  That, too, is a nice fit for me.

Earlier this week, I had to put a story on the Bulletin website about transportation.  I checked our media library and didn't really see anything that worked.  I didn't see any pictures of trains or the train station.  Nothing good involving roads.

Wait.  Did I say...roads?

I checked my own Flickr library.  Nope.  Nothing related to Wilton that I could find.  I might have something, but time was also an issue.

Fortunately, I had to go out to cover a story.  And wouldn't you know...right there...on the side of US 7 was...

A route seven sign!  In Wilton! With vehicles in the background (and you couldn't read their plate numbers)!

That's transportation for ya.  Problem solved, and into the story it went.

Bingo.  Winner.

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